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We serve…

  • Who: people, anyone can learn
  • How: connecting knowledge about AI with people
  • Why: believe in the power of Open Software and AI

Ask yourself if…

  • Is AI-based technology relevant to your business?
  • Can it improve your workflow and boost profit?
  • How can AI technology be practically utilized?
  • How urgent is the need for AI and where should you start?

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We develop...

  • What: Natural Neural Network model, NNN

  • How: learning from Nature

  • Why: believe in the natural foundation of intelligence, human and non-human 

“This study presents a novel perspective on how simple biological organisms’ problem-solving strategies can streamline the architecture of artificial neural networks. The approach to unsupervised learning through natural models is potentially transformative for computational efficiency”

V. Temnov
Senior Scientist, Professor

The French National Centre for Scientific Research


G. Anastassiou
Professor of Mathematics

The University of Memphis