Imagination in Action, AI Summit

By Alex Fedosov

Reflecting on a transformative experience at the Imagination in Action AI Summit in Cambridge on April 18, 2024! Here’s what stood out:

Technology Commoditization: AI technology is now more accessible than ever, enabling businesses to implement out-of-the-box solutions like voice assistants without the need to develop them from scratch. The focus is shifting towards AI as a service, simplifying complex machine learning challenges into text prediction tasks solvable with LLMs.

By Alex Fedosov

We’re pleased to share that we’ll be exhibitors at the upcoming Generative AI World Conference in Boston, scheduled for September 2023. The conference is a notable event in the AI sector, and we’re looking forward to contributing to the conversation.

Announcing Our AI Discovery Workshop

During our time at the conference, we plan to introduce our AI Discovery Workshop, available in two editions:

  • Business Edition: This is designed for business leaders who are keen to explore how AI can add value to their operations.

  • Technology Edition: This version is intended for those with a focus on the technical aspects of AI

By Alex Fedosov

Imagination in Action @MIT aims to educate and motivate startups, founders, and entrepreneurs on building successful AI-focused companies, attracting a diverse audience passionate about AI’s transformative potential.  The event featured a 12-hour program:

  • 60 CSAIL talks
  • 40 Startups
  • 1000+ attendees
  • Closing performance of Ode to Joy

The Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) at The Hynes Convention Center in Boston

By Alex Fedosov

The Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) recently took place at The Hynes Convention Center in Boston, providing a platform for experts to present their insights on data science. The conference included several noteworthy presentations on topics such as improving cooperation between scientists and data scientists, challenges of data collection, hiring data scientists, interpreting deep neural networks, design challenges of building an AI-driven business model, and the applicability of AI in the cybersecurity industry.

By Rudina Seseri

Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its underlying foundation models represent a paradigm shift in innovation, significantly impacting enterprises exploring AI applications. For the first time, because of generative AI models, we have systems that understand natural language at a near-human level and can generate and synthesize output in various media, including text and images. Enabling this technology are powerful, general foundation models that serve as a basis or starting point for developing other, more specialized generative AI models. These foundation models are trained on vast amounts of data. When prompted with natural language instructions, one can use these learnings in a context-specific manner to generate an output of astonishing sophistication. An analogy to generative AI used to create images may be the talented artist who, in response to a patron’s instructions, combines her lifelong exposure to other artists’ work with her inspiration to create something entirely novel.

Imagination In Action Conference at Samberg Conference Center (MIT)

The Imagination In Action conference at Samberg Conference Center (MIT) gathered the brightest minds in AI, such as Stephen Wolfram of Wolfram Alpha and Wolfram Research, Vinod Khoskla of Khoshla Ventures, Brian Halligan (Hubspot co-founder), Lauren Clement (VP Prudential), Lisa Huang (Head of AI at Fidelity Investments) Karl Roessner (CEO Vestmark), Catherine Havasi (Chief of Innovation Babel Street), Lex Fridman (MIT luminary) Sam Altman (CEO of OpenAI) and many more.

Imagination in Action: Forging the future of business with AI @MIT Samberg Center

Imagination in Action @MIT aims to educate and motivate startups, founders, and entrepreneurs on building successful AI-focused companies, attracting a diverse audience passionate about AI’s transformative potential. The event will feature keynote speakers and panels discussing AI applications in personalization, risk assessment, predictive analytics, and decision-making, while offering networking opportunities with industry experts. Attendees can anticipate groundbreaking insights that could ignite the next wave of AI innovation.

AI generated image of MikeC landing on a new planet

By Mike Chrabaszcz

When Medium blogs and the NPR show “Hear and Now” highlights a “shiny object”; it might be an inflection point. That, or it’s close to the holidays and something needs to be wrapped up with a marketing bow and presented to the board, and to the masses before the end of the year. Voilà: more AI generated content and the new tools to create it. It’s all the rage; haven’t you heard? As a relatively newbie to this space, it’s intriguing, but I’m not sure if it really deserves all the hype that it’s receiving. Over the years, improved technologies have been made available to the masses to create content such as spell checking word processors, autocompletion email programs, image enhancers, music composition effects, and video production; to name a few. Welcome the new publicly facing and consumable examples of how the masses can create content, now with AI. […] This recent news […] has raised a few interesting topics in recent conversations around AI Content Generators, adding to the buzz.