The success of any nonprofit organization hinges on a committed and engaged Board of Directors. As the most critical component of the organization, the Board’s unwavering dedication to the mission is paramount to achieving our goals. Our organization thrives on the steadfast commitment of our Board of Directors, a team essential for realizing our vision and mission. This unwavering support serves as the cornerstone for all our initiatives and efforts.

Artem Abramian


Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years in Medical Affairs in the Pharma sector, Dr. Artem Abramian has seamlessly blended medical and technical domains to drive innovation. His expertise spans data generation, medical insights management, and medical communication, aligning with the strategic goals of various organizations in the Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, and Medical sectors. His collaborative approach has been instrumental in optimizing patient outcomes.

His recent tenure at AstraZeneca as the Digital Innovation & Data Generation Lead marked a shift towards digital health initiatives. He explored leveraging digital technologies like AI and NLP to enhance process efficiency and agility.

With a strong medical, business, and technical background, Dr. Abramian supports our marketing and financial strategy. His leadership, presentation skills, and dedication significantly contribute to our organizational journey towards digital transformation in education and research through technological innovation.



Alex Fedosov


Chief Technology Officer

Alex Fedosov brings over 25 years of experience in developing advanced security and more recently AI systems, with a focus on conversational models and self-supervised learning. During his recent role as Senior Principal Engineer at Dell SecureWorks, he pioneered an industry-leading endpoint threat detection system, Red Cloak, now protecting millions of devices worldwide.

His expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and neural networks drives his research in conversational AI, algorithmic bias, and chatbot safety. As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of AI Chatbot Solutions, Alex leads the team in developing customizable yet secure virtual assistants, with NLP research aimed at enhancing contextual understanding and user privacy.

Beyond technical development, Alex is active in promoting AI education, making the technology more accessible and transparent through talks and workshops.

Holding degree in Computer Science Alex is also engaged in research projects in Natural Neural Networks (NNN). His technical expertise and commitment to ethical AI leadership are valuable assets to our board, contributing significantly to our mission of responsible AI deployment.


Alexander Rumyantsev


Director of Marketing

Alexander Rumyantsev currently holds the position of Director of Marketing at FoundAItion, where he orchestrates strategic marketing initiatives to advance the company’s innovative offerings. His recent tenure of over 15 years at Sanofi Pasteur as a Director has provided a solid foundation for this role, marrying his scientific expertise with business development acumen.

While at Sanofi Pasteur, Dr. Rumyantsev developed strategic plans and insights to bolster the R&D portfolio and managed licensing negotiations. As a senior member of the external R&D team in North America, he acted as a Head, managing a team of MD and PhD experts.

Dr. Rumyantsev leverages his extensive expertise to formulate and implement marketing strategies that resonate with the scientific community and the wider market, aiming to amplify the reach and impact of FoundAItion‘s educational solutions.



Sergei Ivanov


Business Development Director

With over 20 years of experience, Sergei Ivanov is a seasoned business development leader specializing in the commercialization of innovative technologies. Leveraging his substantial background in engineering management, Sergei has consistently led cross-functional teams to launch cutting-edge products.

His expertise extends beyond technical know-how, showcasing strong business acumen acquired through roles in sales, business development, and project management. As the Business Development Director at FoundAItion, Sergei adeptly identifies strategic partnerships and customer needs for AI solutions, while promoting transparency through educational initiatives.

By effectively aligning technical and business teams, he excels in driving mutual success. Sergei holds a Ph.D. in Physics and possesses a PMP certification, marking his solid grounding in both technical and managerial domains. His contributions continue to play a vital role in bridging the gap between innovative technology and market adoption, exemplifying his crucial role at FoundAItion.

Our Mission

We make a solemn promise to our customers and sponsors: Our mission is to empower organizations to maximize business insights and productivity by securely integrating proprietary data sources with the power of large language models. We enable companies to build customized conversational interfaces that allow employees quick, seamless access to internal data through intelligent virtual assistants.
By developing chatbots tailored to each client’s unique needs and data assets, we help uncover strategic opportunities and automate workflows. Our focus on data privacy, security, and ethical AI practices ensures responsible data usage. Additionally, we aim to educate businesses on integrating AI to serve clearly defined objectives focused on augmenting human capabilities.
Our goal is to guide companies into an AI-enabled future where proprietary information and AI work together efficiently, safely, and transparently.

Our Philosophy

We support Open Source and Ethical AI use principles:

  • Fairness and transparency. All data and algorithms used in AI systems are open to scrutiny. Any bias (race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or other factors) in AI systems should be mitigated in the best way possible, while fairness and equity being prioritized.
  • Privacy, Safety and Security. AI should be used in ways that respect individual’s privacy and data rights. All systems are being designed robust and reliable, protected from external threats or cyberattacks.
  • No restrictions on distribution, without any additional charges or fees, including for commercial purposes. The license should not place any restrictions on the distribution of the software and data and in what form.
  • Free access to source code with full set of rights to modify, add or partially delete code and/or data.
  • No restrictions on technology. The license should not restrict the use of the software with particular technology or platform.